Personal exploration of colours and shapes.

Ferns’ – this palette might be my favourite. I can feel the joy of walking in the Australian rainforest on a hot summer day.
Banana leaves’ – Colours give energy and joy. A few months back, when the days were dark and cold, drawing these plants brought me warmth and soothed my mind.
Lotus leaves’ – are one of my favourite plants. Such a beautiful metaphor for life. I especially love when they start to dry and crumble on themselves, mid state of their life.
Palm leaves’ – graphic and graceful. I’m so glad I took many photos of plants during my time in Australia, endless inspiration.
Tradescantia’ – hypnotic lines, nature is so creative. I had a good time playing with this palette.
Chinese plume poppy leaves‘ – These ones caught my attention with its beautiful pattern when drying. Macleaya cordata is their scientific name.
Gum leaves’ – have a special place in my heart. A couple of years ago, I drew so many of them, falling in love with their imperfections when dying.
Monstera leaves’ – Those giant leaves never cease to amazed me when going to the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden. Here is my interpretation of the play between shadows and light.
Caladium’ – Constellation on leaves – the irregular pattern of the leaves made them perfectly imperfect to me.
Ficus’ – any irregular leaves make my so happy.