Collaborative installation for Interface during Sydney InDesign 2015.

Responding to Interface’s brief “Prospect” and to The Project Indesign‘s brief “Ritual”.

SHAPE SHIFT is an experience based installation that aims to re-establish a connection to the ritual of play.

As a group of multidisciplinary designers/artists, quite often we feel disturbed by the unplugged wire around our collective neck. You can change the world by initiating change within yourself, so we are determined to just give it a go! We believe that you learn from experience and if we test our talents, skills and knowledge, we will transform innovative ideas into immediate action.

SHAPE SHIFT in it’s simplicity; an opportunity to participate in an ‘in progress’ mindset whereby viewers are invited
to play, collaborate and create. Recent studies have shown that the act of play can help unlock and develop ideas for creative thinkers. As such, the installation aims to support a permissive environment by introducing a nuanced version of play in the form of structure, material and texture.

Participants are encouraged to enter SHAPE SHIFT and connect with the playful world that has been delicately formed around them either as an observer, a contributor, or both. The installation will consist of a series of bold shapes in space that push the viewer to enhance sensory awareness of his/her environment; shifting the viewers mind into ‘play’ mode. These shapes will evolve organically over the course of the event as layers of dense textures and patterns are applied.

SHAPE SHIFT will encourage and challenge the public to think with their hands by allowing them to contribute to a collective experience. What we bring into our awareness will exercise the muscle. Working in conjunction with both artists, the public will have the opportunity to transition in and out of play, creating unknown possibilities with freedom, authenticity and fun.

By Laura Lay and Marine Coutroutsios for He Made She Made.