April 27, 2015

Paper Rosellas for Telstra

Here is a bit of the process behind my work for Telstra’s window on George St. (See project here).

I was commissionned to create 10 paper rosellas, matching the colours’ brand.

This project took almost 2 months between the back and forth emails and the production of the birds. And I LOVED working on it!

I was given some pictures of the birds presented in a short animation that was shown on the sreen’s store. My work was to create paper birds as close as possible in 3-Dimension.

I started with a rough prototype with copy paper just to get an idea of the size. In store we’ve figured out that we needed to scale up the bird.


Then, I’ve cut, folded, glued, taped and pinned a lot of paper to match the animated bird with all the details.


Once satisfied with the prototype, I’ve switched for the paper I would use for the final birds, 120gsm.


Prototype approuved!

With an happy client, I started the ten coloured birds.

This is all the parts for one bird : 85 pieces of paper!


It’s a kind of puzzle :


And Ta-daaa!!


I had a lot of fun creating the small details like the feet or the many folds because they make the bird even more beautiful!


… I wish they could fly… hahaha!