August 27, 2015

In the Rainforest

{Edited 17/11/15}

Personal project, set design featuring jewellery by French Designer Mulot B.

Set design rainforest

I’m so in love with Mulot B‘s jewellery that it sparked in my head an idea of a little set design.

This lovely necklace reminds me of a little swing.

It appears in my illustration as an invitation and contrasts beautifully with the simple paper leaves.

Of course as I’m living in Sydney, I’ve chosen to depict the Australian Rainforest.

Making all the differents leaves and sticking them on a little stage was time consuming but really fun!

Some work in progress pics :

And details of the finished set :

Disclaimer : This set design is from my own and only initiative.

However I think you should check out Mulot B’s work here!