November 10, 2014

Collaborative Paper Installation with Billy Blue College


Image credit : Ken Dessaix

Image credit : Ken Dessaix


Back in July, I’ve been contacted by Lisa Tatman, lecturer at Billy Blue College, to take part in a project for the new campus in Ultimo.

This new campus is situated in the Wilcox Mofflin Building in Ultimo. Beautiful reconverted warehouse, the space has been designed to enhance new ways of learning, where PODs provide more intimate spaces with dedicated functions within the open plan campus.

Five PODs are dedicated to Spatial Design installations, and provide places for exhibition or meeting places.

Each POD design is a black powder coated steel frame ‘box’. This frame allows for every design team involved in the project to have a clear definition of space to work within. Each POD is be 2500mm wide by 3000mm deep and 2400mm high.

My Team

My team, students Ken Dessaix and Romi Modi, got to work on the meeting pod. The students came with a concept for a stimulating place where future students will be able to experience colours.

My intervention consisted in helping them creating a paper installation. Their idea was to create like a flow of ideas, that would explode outside the box, as a symbolic idea of function of the POD : a meeting room.

As project managers, the students had to deal with deadline and budget, which both were tight. After a couple of brainstormings, we went for a suspended paper installation made from paper coloured circles. I proposed a colour direction of a blue stream (from dark blue to bright blue) incorporating colours as we moved toward the outside.
Thankfully we got the paper circles die cut for us, but we still had to staple and hung hundreds of them!

As the POD needs to be a experimental place, other installations will come in the future, we had a black mesh to help us hung our fishing lines.

Behind the scene

I apologize in advance for the bad light but I think it’s interesting to see the process!

Before : here is our POD located in an open space close to the library and cafe.

Our munitions :

Let’s start hanging!

The happy team and the finished installation :

Here is a little video made by Ken :


Et voilà!

That was really good fun to do, thanks Lisa and well done Ken and Romi!

Find more about Ken and Romi, check out their work :

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